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LG V30 price, release date, and carrier deals (Updated: US carrier details)

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There’s a lot to like about the LG V30, including beefy specs that are centered around a Snapdragon 835 processor. There’s also a dual camera setup, a new 18:9 FullVision display, and much more. But you’re not here for the specs, you want to learn more about where to buy the LG V30.

Look no further! In this post, we’ll walk you through the LG V30 price, release date, and any carrier deals we can find.

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The LG V30 release date was Thursday, September 21 in South Korea. Since then, it has started to roll out to more markets, and will soon hit the United States as well.

The LG V30 price costs around $800 in the states, though it will vary depending on carrier. Carrier specific pricing and other related details can be found below.

Not every market will get the LG V30 Plus. In its announcement, LG noted that the V30 Plus with 128 GB of storage will be available in “limited markets”, and the good news for US consumers is that Sprint has already confirmed that it would carry the V30 Plus stateside.

The 64 GB V30 comes in four color options: Aurora Black, Cloud Silver, Moroccan Blue, and Lavender Violet. There’s no word yet as to which color options will be available with the V30 Plus.

B&O Play earphones will be packaged with the V30, but only in some markets. LG says these earphones feature digital filters that adjust the pre- and post-ringing of the impulse response of music with three different user-selectable features. There are also four presets that mix and match sound frequencies and decibel scales to help produce high-quality audio.

LG V30 carrier and retailer deals:

Unlocked: No formal details on the unlocked model have been revealed at this time.

Verizon: Verizon will offer the V30 starting October 5th, but no pricing has been revealed.

AT&T: The LG V30 will hit AT&T online on October 5th, with in-store sales starting October 6th. For those curious, the AT&T version will work with AT&T’s new 5G Evolution network.  The phone will cost $810 outright, or $27 per month for 30 months with AT&T Next. There’s also a deal for a free second V30 but there are, of course, some strings attached:


“For a limited time, buy an LG V30 and get one FREE when you add a line and buy both on AT&T Next with monthly eligible wireless and have eligible DIRECTV service.”

T-Mobile: T-mobile appears to be getting the phone a bit later, as pre-orders will begin on October 5th but sales won’t start until the 13th. The price will be $80 down and 30 per month for 24 months, which means outright pricing will be $800. It’s worth noting that the V30 is the first T-Mobile phone to support Tmo’s 600Mhz spectrum, which should give better performance in rural areas.

Sprint: Sprint has announced that it would carry the LG V30 Plus in the US, bringing the 128 GB version of LG’s just-announced flagship to North America. Pricing and release date are not available yet, unfortunately.

US Cellular: (stay tuned)