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11 things you can do today to be more successful at work

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  • There are steps you can take to instantly boost your performance at work.
  • Those steps include speaking up in meetings and taking lunch breaks with colleagues.
  • Below, we've rounded up some of the simplest strategies for impressing your boss and increasing your productivity.

The path to professional success is long, and often winding. It's a combination of working hard, pursuing your passions, and meeting the right people.

But there are steps you can take immediately to get closer to your goals. Below, Business Insider has collected a bunch of quick and dirty strategies — supported by research and expert opinion — to be more successful at work. You'll learn how to impress your boss (and make your coworkers jealous) and stay productive even when you're feeling uninspired.

Read on for our top tips.

Show up on time — or early

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Simply put, your boss will like you more.

Research from the Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington suggests that employees who get into the office early are generally perceived by their managers as more conscientious and receive higher performance ratings than employees who arrive later.

And it doesn't matter if those who get in later stay later, too.

In the Harvard Business Review, the paper authors write:

"[I]n three separate studies, we found evidence of a natural stereotype at work: Compared to people who choose to work earlier in the day, people who choose to work later in the day are implicitly assumed to be less conscientious and less effective in their jobs."

The one caveat? If your boss is a night owl, they probably won't judge you as harshly for showing up on the later side.

Dress up


Research suggests that dressing more formally can make you both feel and appear more powerful.

In one 2014 study, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, men dressed in either a suit or sweats engaged in mock negotiations with a partner. Results showed that the men were more successful in the negotiations when they were wearing a suit.

Make small talk with your CEO at the coffee maker


Bumping into your CEO unexpectedly might sound like the beginning of a nightmare. It doesn't have to be.

According to etiquette and civility expert Rosalinda Oropeza Randall, "it's an opportunity to show yourself off." If you don't know the person very well, introduce yourself and tell them which department you work in. Then read their body language to see whether they're interested in chatting further.

If you're already pretty chummy with your CEO, you can simply say something like, "Do you have plans for the holidays?"

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