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12 simple hacks that will make hosting Thanksgiving easier and cheaper

- 3:24 pm
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  • INSIDER got expert tips, tricks, and hacks from celebrity chefs and cookbook authors on making Thanksgiving easier and cheaper.
  • Keep gravy in a thermos so it stays hot but frees up your stove.
  • Cook your turkey in a plastic oven bag so it makes for easier clean-up later.

If you're a guest at Thanksgiving dinner, there's nothing better than showing up with a store-bought pie, putting your feet up, and stuffing your face. But if you've ever hosted Thanksgiving, you know how stressful preparing for the gluttonous holiday can be.

Luckily, INSIDER has some expert tips and hacks to help make Thanksgiving prep a little easier (and cheaper), from the expertise of celebrity chefs and cookbook authors like Michael Symon and Cat Cora. From keeping your gravy warm in a thermos to free up the stove to making mini stuffing muffins for a time and space saver, these kitchen tricks will ease some of the worries of the Thanksgiving dinner host or hostess.

Find recipes that share ingredients so you can save money on grocery shopping.

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"Buy products that you can use in multiple recipes to cut down on costs," Devin Alexander, cookbook author and chef on "The Biggest Loser," told INSIDER. 

For instance, you'll likely be able to buy potatoes, onions, and corn in bulk for your Thanksgiving recipes, but you probably want to avoid recipes that call for a teaspoon of obscure, pricey ingredients like saffron or truffle oil. 

Buy day-old bread for stuffing — it's cheaper and works better.

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When you're looking to cut financial corners for a Thanksgiving meal, it's best to look for bread in the clearance section, Alexander says.

"Day-old bread is better than fresh for stuffing anyway," she said. 

Go around your supermarket sales.

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When it comes to shopping for the best Thanksgiving meals, always think ahead. If you shop last-minute, you won't be able to take advantage of sale cycles and store deals.

"Plot your menu as soon as possible and carry the list of non-perishables and frozen foods to the grocery stores during regular visits between now and Thanksgiving," Alexander said.  "A lot of items cycle through sales, so you might be able to snag many more at a discount if you start seeking them out early."

She also noted that a lot of stores offer free turkeys around Thanksgiving time if you spend enough money. 

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