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13 famous father and son duos who have been in movies together

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jaden will smithEvan Agostini/Invision/AP

Father and son bonding comes in many forms. Maybe it's a fishing trip, or playing catch, but for actors with equally famous sons it can also mean starring in the same movie.

Some have waited years to find the right film to do together like Kirk and Michael Douglas. Then there's Ben and Jerry Stiller who have been on screen together four times. 

Keep reading to see the famous fathers and sons who have been on screen together.

Will Smith and his son Jaden both appeared in 2013's "After Earth."

Frank Masi / Sony Pictures, Columbia

It wasn't the duo's first film together. Jaden Smith starred alongside his famous dad in 2006's "The Pursuit of Happyness," too. 

In an interview from 2013 with Movies Ireland, Will Smith said after seeing Jaden have fun on set of "Karate Kid" with Jackie Chan he wanted to do another movie with his son.

"I started talking about some ideas and 'After Earth' was the first thing that Jaden really vibed [with] the ideas," said Smith.

The two appear to have a carefree relationship, which you can see more of in a clip from an "After Earth" press conference.

Comedic father-and-son duo Ben and Jerry Stiller have appeared together in several movies.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Ben and Jerry Stiller have been in four movies together: "The Heartbreak Kid," "Zoolander," "Heavyweights," and "Hot Pursuit."

Jerry said his son would always invite him and his wife on set when he was working on a project. 

"We go, and it’s a wonderful moment for Anne and myself to watch Ben shooting a movie," Stiller told the New York Post in 2012. "He’s really good at it. I don’t give him advice. I can’t say a word. He knows more about film than I could ever begin to think I knew. He never says, ‘Dad, what did you think of that?’ The only thing I’d ever take credit for is, when he was 10 years old, I gave him a Fuji Super 8 camera."

Stiller's wife Anne Meara died in May 2015.

Three generations of the Douglas clan — Kirk, Michael and Cameron — starred together in "It Runs in the Family."

AP / Chris Pizzello

Michael Douglas said his father never wanted him to go into acting. Kirk Douglas was quite critical after watching his son's first performance.

"I remember the first show I did, he came back and he said, ‘Michael you were absolutely terrible,’" Michael Douglas told ITV Lorraine’s Ross King in 2016, according to People. "And he was so relieved because he thought, ‘I don’t have to worry about my son becoming an actor, he was so bad.'"

This past February, after turning 100, Kirk Douglas told The Guardian he's proud of his son for not following his advice.

"I wanted him to be a doctor or lawyer, and the first time I saw him in a play I told him he was terrible,” Kirk Douglas said. "But then I saw him a second time and I said: ‘You were wonderful!’ And I think he is very good in everything he’s done.”


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