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9 names that celebrities have used to go incognito

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Being a celebrity means everyone knows your name. It's a sense of universal recognition that allows people like Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, and Rihanna to navigate the world with the knowledge that they are literally household names, but unable to do things like go to the grocery store or stay at hotels.

For some stars, this means getting crafty when it comes to checking in for an overnight stay or going out to eat. For others, the exact names that they use on a daily basis and the names that have made them famous aren't the names that they were originally intended to have.

These 10 celebrities' aliases may surprise you for more reasons than one.

Ice Cube sometimes goes by his "real" name.


The 2014 Sony hack revealed more than a few A-list revelations, but one of the biggest shockers from the leak was the list of different celebrity aliases. It’s true: Ice Cube is NOT his real name.

Based on info from the hack, Ice Cube uses either his real name, O’Shea Jackson or the name of his "XXX: State Of The Union" character, Darius Stone, when checking into hotels.


Brie Larson is not her real name.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Though her name doesn't sound out of the ordinary, Brie Larson's actual birth name is very unique. The actress was born Brianne Sidonie Desaulniers, which she later told Glamour was just "hard to pronounce."

Later, Larson elaborated further on the surprisingly relatable inspiration behind her choice of a new moniker. During an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Larson said that her modified last name actually came from her favorite American Girl doll, Kirsten Larson, who she still memorializes on Instagram.

Fergie was not born "Fergie."

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Shockingly enough, Fergie is not the former Black Eyed Pea's birth name, but it's also not her preferred name when she's going undercover.

Fergie shortened her birth name, Stacy Ann Ferguson, when she became famous, but then made Fergie her legal name when she married her now ex-husband Josh Duhamel, dubbing herself Fergie Duhamel in the eyes of the law, according to DailyMail.

As a cover, PopDust reports that Fergie uses the name Penny Lane. This could be due to the name of the character in "Almost Famous," the Beatles' famous song, or the street in Liverpool, England, which would make sense considering her love of the London Bridge.

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