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Reformed Womanizer Waka Flocka Offers Advice To ‘Frequent’ Philanderer Offset & Queen Cardi B

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Waka Flocka Offers Advice To Offset And Cardi B

Waka Flocka knows a thing or two about stepping outside of his relationship and he’s offering advice to someone who’s being accused of doing the same.

If you can remember back to 2016 Waka and his wife Tammy Rivera were in headlines for his infidelity and split briefly before Tammy publicly took him back.

Now the Flockas are enjoying some marital bliss and recently celebrated four years of matrimony-dom. With that in mind, Waka sat down with XXL and dished on his coupledom with his wife who he says “turns him into a toddler” when she hugs him.

“Having that significant other at the moments when you really need somebody to just to talk to,” the 31-year-old shares. “It’s them hugs. I don’t know, man. It’s like, when that lil’ lady hug me, man, I just turn into a toddler. And just to have somebody next to you that can do that, that s*** feel amazing.”

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Things got especially interesting however when he was asked to give advice to Offset, whose also been accused of cheating, and Queen Cardi B. According to Waka, they shouldn’t let anyone get in their heads when it comes to their relationship and learn to communicate.

“My advice for them is keep your house strong,”says Waka. “Don’t let nobody get inside your household and change your opinions and the way you feel about your spouse or your significant other.

I think y’all should always have an understanding and have a ground; y’all should always talk about things, like, ‘Baby, if this happened,’ or ‘What if this happened?’ I think it should always be y’all two agreeing on whatever happens next, before anybody else put words in y’all mouth or ideas in your mind.”

Wise words from a reformed man—do you think BardiSet’s listening???

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