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This upgrade will extend the life of your MacBook Air for years

- 9:12 am
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macbook airDylan LoveBattery technology has certainly improved over the past few years, but rechargeable batteries will always lose their charge over time. 

Apple claims their laptop batteries can complete 1,000 full "charge cycles" before experiencing any degradation, but if you've been using your MacBook Air regularly, you might be noticing it already.

If the only problem with your older computer is the battery, there's no reason to spend the money on a new one. Instead, you can buy a replacement battery and fix the problem yourself.

I'm recommending Egoway's battery replacement pack because it's positioned as a kit; instead of just selling a battery, Egoway also includes a set of instructions and the two screwdrivers you'll need to perform the upgrade. It might not sound like a big deal, but Apple uses proprietary screws that are difficult to get out without the right tools. 

Performing this upgrade won't be tremendously difficult, but it will require that you take part of your computer apart. iFixit has a set of step-by-step guides for every MacBook Air battery replacement, and I cannot recommend their guides highly enough. If you're not comfortable performing this upgrade yourself, consider looking up a local computer repair shop, or asking a more tech-savvy friend. 

Regardless of who does the upgrade, fixing problems with your existing computer will always be a more economical choice than buying a new one. My final word of caution is that performing this upgrade will void your Applecare warranty if you have one. On the other hand, Egoway's battery comes with its own 18-month warranty, which would be a coverage improvement if you're working with an older machine that doesn't have Applecare.

A full list of MacBook Air models this battery is compatible with is listed below. I hope your upgrade goes smoothly.

Egoway Replacement Battery for Apple 13 inch MacBook Air, $55.29, available at Amazon

*Compatible with 13" MacBook Air Late 2010, 13" MacBook Air Mid 2011, 13" MacBook Air Mid 2012, "13 MacBook Air Mid 2013, "13 MacBook Air Early 2014**