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22 of the most incredible photos from the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony

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Winter Olympics opening ceremony

The 2018 Winter Olympics has now officially begun, after the opening ceremony concluded in Pyeongchang in South Korea on Friday.

The ceremony itself involved an elaborate fireworks display that lit up the night sky, a dance routine emphasizing the Olympic theme of peace, and the Parade of Nations showcasing all participants.

Lookalikes of US President Donald Trump and North Korea supreme leader Kim Jong Un threatened to steal the spotlight, but the impersonators were booted out of the stadium by security.

Keep scrolling to re-live the opening ceremony with 22 of the most incredible photographs from the event here.

An elaborate fireworks display got the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony going.

Getty Images

At one point it looked like sinister red flames had surrounded the stadium in Pyeongchang, which is more or less frozen solid this time of year.

Getty Images

A part of the initial pageantry involved martial arts. One performer, pictured here, looked like he was pulling off moves that could have been at home in "The Matrix."


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