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CNN Panel Loses It After Trump Toadie Mentions FBI 'Secret Society'

- 9:07 am
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Alisyn Camerota and Bill Kristol had a good chuckle at Ben Ferguson's expense.

CNN panel erupted in laughter on Monday morning when Trump supporter Ben Ferguson once again alleged that there was a “secret society” within the FBI dedicated to taking down President Donald Trump.

While arguing that President Donald Trump was right to highlight supposed abuses at the FBI when surveilling former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, Ferguson said the president was right to question the agency’s credibility by noting that texts sent between two FBI employees showed a bias against the president.

“You have people in the FBI, on the record, in their own words who talked about… not liking the president, possibly needing an insurance policy… and possibly having a secret society,” he said.

At this point, panelist Bill Kristol and host Alisyn Camerota both laughed at Ferguson for once again promoting the completely debunked “secret society” talking point.

“Are we seriously still talking about the secret society, Ben?” Kristol asked him.

“It’s their words, not mine!” Ferguson shot back defensively.

In fact, text messages referencing a “secret society” sent between FBI agent Peter Strzok and attorney Lisa Page were an inside joke related to Strzok’s plan to hand out calendars to his fellow agents that featured photos of a shirtless Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Watch the whole panel below.


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