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Instagram could soon let you ‘regram’ public posts to your story

- 9:04 am
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The Facebook-owned social media app is testing a new feature which lets users reshare or “regram” public posts to their stories.


According to TechCrunch, Instagram is giving a small percentage of users access to a new regram feature. Essentially, you can share and add public feed posts from other users to your story. As you can see from the video above (courtesy of Zachary Shakked), not only can you resize it, but you can also edit it by adding stickers or drawing on it before posting. Of course, you have the option to disable others from sharing your posts in the app’s settings.

Depending on how it’s received, this feature might make its way to everyone with the next official update.

You can download the Instagram app for Android in the Play Store by clicking the button below:

Recent updates

Instagram adds support for Type Mode to add text-only posts in stories

February 1, 2018: You can now posts stories with just text with the new Type Mode. You should see “Type” next to “Normal” under the record button within Instagram’s camera app. You can then simply tap on the “Type” option to start writing whatever you want for your story post. You can customize that post with a variety of colored backgrounds, along with different choices for fonts and sizes.

Add GIF stickers to Instagram stories

January 25, 2018: GIF stickers can now be added to any photo or video in your Instagram story. Just tap the sticker icon and click the GIF option to check out a range of animated stickers from bouncing letters to dancing cats that can now be added to stories.

Instagram lets you send live videos as direct messages

December 21, 2017: Following the recent hashtag update, Instagram is adding a new feature to live videos. You should now see a Direct icon when you’re recording a live video, and with a simple tap, you can share your live video with friends and followers. As the company explains, people will be able to view the video if you’re currently live, and when it’s over, they will see a message indicating that the video session has ended.

You can now follow hashtags on Instagram, not just people

December 12, 2017: With the latest update, you can follow hashtags in addition to Instagram accounts. As the company explains, following a hashtag is just like a following a friend: search a topic that you’re into or tap any hashtag you see, and on top of the results page, you will see a follow button. If you follow #Android, you’ll see relevant posts from that hashtag in your feed and your stories bar. You will be able to unfollow your hashtags the same way.

Save and highlight your favorite Stories

December 5, 2017: The latest update allows all users to not only save their favorite Stories, but to show them to anyone else who checks out their account. Previously, it was hard to save your Stories past 24 hours, but now Instagram will automatically archive all of your Stories by default. To see any of your saved Stories, you can just tap on the Archive icon on your profile, and you should see a new Stories archive alongside your Posts archive, with the most recent stories placed at the bottom of the grid.

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