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Take a look at the iconic designers FW18 collection

- 10:06 am
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This season, the Nigerian born designer who loves referencing his pieces was inspired by the iconic two-tone British Ska singer Pauline Black of The Selecter. The influence of the Pauline is evident in the leather embellished trilby hats worn in the lookbook and fishnet gloves that make an appearance.
The rich textures of some of the pieces are reminiscent of Hannah Hoch’s Ohne Titel collage for the Dada Africa show which comprised 120 works; rare archival material, and a collection of indigenous artefacts from which the European artists borrowed originating not only from Africa but also from America, Asia and Oceania.
As we’ve come to expect from his collections, prints played a major with painted florals, Aztec prints and geometric patterns featuring the most. The mix of prints and patterns are quintessential Duro Olowu.


Brand: Duro Olowu | @duroolowuPhotography: Luis Monteiro | @luismonteirophotography .
Makeup and hair: Maria Papadopoulou
Model: Fernanda Farias
Photo Source: Vogue