"We didn't know that Nigerians liked sex like that" - Vandora on viewers saving Mina - Foenaija - Home

"We didn't know that Nigerians liked sex like that" - Vandora on viewers saving Mina

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Nina and Miracle, who have often been described as a weak pair by other housemates, led the votes with 28.5%. They were followed by Teddy A and Bambam with 21.5%.
The evicted pairs, Van-Dee and Pritto, got the least votes with 2.98% and 3.05%, respectively.
playHere's how Nigerians voted on Big Brother Naija

In this interview with Pulse, Vandora shares her reaction when she found out Nigerians saved the romantically involved pair, Mina and Miracle, who most housemates had thought would exit the show first.
The evicted housemates also talked about which pair they had thought would be evicted that Sunday.
Cee C and Tobi make out, Miracle and Nina get into a fightplaySome of the evicted housemates thought Miracle and Nina would have been evicted

Vandora on Nigerians saving Mina

We didn't know that Nigerians liked sex like that. In terms of conversations and all that, they [Mina] were the most reserved group. But for them to come out on the top just because of that...
People in the house don't even understand that's the hierarchy because, in the house, it's on the flip side.
Tobi finally 'dumps' Cee-C in Big Brother Naijaplay
Cee C and Tobi

On which pair they thought would be evicted

Dee One - Mina. 
Khloe - Ceebi
Bitto - It was almost a unanimous decision in the house from when we started nominating housemates to be up for eviction that we will put Tobi and Cee C up, and that was for the fact that they had isolated themselves and that was one of the reasons why we lost wagers. So they were the obvious ones people wanted out of the house.
Big Brother Naija housemates win their wagerplay
Big Brother Naija housemates win their wager

The evicted housemates were up for possible eviction alongside 14 other housemates.
In an interview with Pulse, they also shared who they think should win the Big Brother Naija reality show.
There would be no eviction this week as Biggie is giving viewers enough time to get to know the new #BBNaija pairs.